Weekly Investing Activities/Contest

Do you have inspirations to be a financial analyst or investment banker? Are you interested in investing in the stock market, but lack the funds to start? Have you thought about a new investing idea/strategy that you are dying to test? Or, do you want to be able to value a company? You can put all of your skills to the test at our weekly investing activities.

At the Pace Investment Club, we’re interested in creating programs that prepare members to compete in the investing industry without having a rigid classroom environment. Our weekly competitions are fun mini-games that are designed to build your knowledge of our financial markets, hone your predicting capabilities, and at the same time, make a little money while spending time with your Investment Club peers.

Financial Modeling Workshops

Our financial modeling workshop is designed to help students who are looking to pursue a career in investment banking, private equity, corporate finance or equity research. You will work along an instructor building a 3-statement model and discounted cash flow statement from scratch using actual case studies. Your gain a more in-depth understanding of how financial statement models and DCF models work; along with the other types of modeling we hope to cover in this workshop.

Other types of workshops we’re planning on hosting:

  • Trading Comps
  • Transaction Comps
  • M&A
  • LBO
  • Banking & Financial Institutions
  • Oil and Gas Companies

Afterwards, you’ll have a better foundation in financial and valuation modeling, a better grasp on accounting and financial concepts, and develop the core skill set that will give you the competitive edge you need in job interviews.

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The Price Is Right

Where do you see the price of Snapchat at the end of the week? 18 dollars, 19 dollars, 20 dollars? Put a price target for Snapchat’s stock and many other stocks, indices or financial assets in our weekly “The Price Is Right” competition. This mini-game is designed to test the analytical and predictive capabilities of members.

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Beat The Market

Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn and Peter Lynch have consistently outperformed the market for years. In our weekly “Beat The Market” competition, you won’t need to outperform for years; you just need to outperform for a week. And you won’t need to outperform the entire market; you just need to outperform your peers.

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