When Wall Street Meets Pace Plaza

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This week’s charts of the day is brought to you last week’s charts of the day…

Of course, this is all a coincidence, but I have to say: I’ve always wanted to write for the Wall Street Journal.

No, I’m not saying that the Wall Street Journal took my article. No, I’m not saying that the WSJ is slow when it comes to its reporting. However, the fact that this topic has ended up in the Wall Street Journal nearly two weeks after the WSJ has picked it up shows that the Pace Investment Club newsletter is a valuable resource for students who are just learning about the Markets, Finance, and Economics

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Andre is a senior at Pace University, studying Finance and Economics. His topics of interests include Equity Valuation, Short Ideas, Macro, Monetary Economics, ETFs, Forex and Fixed Income. His sectors of choice involve Technology, Consumer Goods, and Financials. Andre has completed a number of internships at leading investment banks domestically and abroad.