Musings From The Pace Investment Club

Pace Investment Club is a local organization in the Financial District of New York. In our meetings, we go over different finance topics, including Securities Valuations (Stocks, Options, Futures) with the implementation of fundamental and technical analysis using a practical approach. Also, we discuss current market and economic data, as well as trending topics about how they affect different investment opportunities.

These “Musings from the Pace Investment Club” is designed with a particular purpose in mind: informing club members, fellow students, and readers. This newsletter focuses on covering a wide range of topics involving Business, Economics, Finance, and Investing that equips readers with relevant information for their professional, academic and personal careers. Our knowledgeable editors’ research and analysis specific market events and breaks down that information in a user-friend, very nuanced, easy-to-understand way for everyone, regardless of whether or not the reader is an undergrad or currently working on an M.B.A.

If you’re a Finance Major who needs to develop the financial jargon, or your interested in investing and you don’t know where to start, or you just read an article in the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg and you don’t quite understand what it means, the Pace Investment Club will introduce you to the topics, concepts and professionals that you couldn’t get in any of your classes.

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